• AWESOME!!!!! Congrats (hopefully) Vince! I was cooking up ways to con my neighbors out of yet another garage spot when I clicked on the CL link… then I read the rest of your post and saw you're probably sealing the deal right now as I type this.

    Unrelated – man how far did the apple fall from the tree on this one (Walter's son)?

    • heyyy… any tips on this "garage surfing" idea? i've got a need and salt fog season approaching

      and yeah, what is that kid's deal? reminds me of the scene from King Lear:

      Create her child of spleen; that it may live,
      And be a thwart disnatured torment to her!
      Let it stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth;
      With cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks;
      Turn all her mother's pains and benefits
      To laughter and contempt; that she may feel
      How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is
      To have a thankless child! Away, away!

      and of course, the car is spleen colored!

    • re: garage surfing – I'll take a stab at what I think you're asking (not really sure?)

      Most of the folks in my building are alone, or single-car families (all w/2 car parking). I typically just approach them directly.

      A typical convo goes something like "howdy, I'm your neighbor… no not the creepy one with all of the cats… no not the one who blasts Depeche Mode at 3am on a Tuesd… er… disregard previous… anyways mind if I rent your spare parking spot for a few bucks a month? I don't need in/out or anything, just a spot to store a car for a bit." Both people I've asked said "just take it".

      For the record, both folks I asked were people who live on the side of the building opposite that which I typically disembark my newly-acquired crapcans from the back of a flatbed at midnight on a weekday. And they're also people I've helped on and off while I've lived in the complex (everything from holding doors up to and including helping them move a couch up 3 flights of stairs) so I'm not just some random dude with perfect hair and a winning smile asking them for a parking spot.

      YMMV, good luck.

    • yep, that's what i was asking – you've got a lot more empty parking spaces around you than i have, clearly – maybe if i look under a few rusty old porsches i'll find a barn

    • Around where I live it's seen as bad form to own more than one car per couple. And since not a damn one of my neighbors seemingly has any form of gainful employment (trust fund kids, UCLA students, retirees, former-trophy-wives-now-rich-divorcee's, lawyers, etc), they don't need to commute anywhere so they just get a Prius and or a coupe of fixed-gears and call it good. So yeah, garage spots are abundant out here. And I do what I can to fill them with smog-belching, immobile, out of tune, crapmobiles.

    • "And I do what I can to fill them with smog-belching, immobile, out of tune, crapmobiles."

      That's the spirit! You're living the DT dream. Keep reaching for the stars.

  • That is really good looking!
    I use to joke with a friend of mine who had the same year. I would ask him which end was the front.

    Any way of getting affordable mini light style wheels?

    • Ronal made a panasport-esque style wheel for these back in the day.
      Check this site out (link isn't obnoxious, forgive me for disobeying Commandment #3): jpowell.tripod.com/saab-wheels/#minilite

  • Awesome pick!! I sold these new in 1978 (yes, I'm that old). There are very few cars that are as multi-purpose as these. They are absolute tanks, and are great fun as track cars, snow plows, pick-up trucks, campers and economy cars all rolled into one quirky package. You've gotta love a company that hooks the e-brakes to the front wheels and lights up the front corner lights when you put them into reverse. Extremely comfortable on long drives and a blast to toss with total abandon on dirt roads or snow. Love the Vader wheels!

  • I love these. I passed on a carb'd 99 project once in my formative years. Body was nice, but the block was cracked. I might not have bought so many BMWs if I had started with a Saab. Who doesn't love ziggurat wheels?

    To paraphrase many others: Why'd they give the steering wheel to the driver and the pedals to the passenger?

    • I will probably remove the hitch for day to day driving, but Walter told me he put it offset towards the drivers side by about 4 inches so that he wouldn't hit stuff on the passenger side of the road. I think there are a lot of things on this car that could be fixed but are gonna be left, you know, as-is…!

  • Congrats Vince! Looking forward to the full write-up. Funny how excited you get when you take possession of a new car – even when it isn't a new car…

    • for the record, i cannot see myself ever buying a new car again – perhaps i will do a left-handed spanner column about it – but not today – don't get me started!

    • Yeah, I agree. Why buy a modern with a big bunch of long term debt or lease payment when there are so many interesting crocks out there.

      Whenever I see a guy drive by in an expensive modern, I think of how many Alfetta GT's he could have bought with the same money…

    • Gianni, the problem with the guys driving by in their expensive modern cars, is that they're leasing them. Aside from a down payment which may have been enough for 1/2 of an Alfetta GT, his monthly payments are far less than the monthly repair bill on a 30+ year old Italian car.

      That said, I think Daily Turismo currency should be based on the Alfetta standard. Instead of a 2015 Fiesta ST being $25k, it should instead be counted as 5 Alfetta. A $100k Tesla Model S is 20 Alfetta, and so on.

      This is based on the assumption that a Daily Turismo-grade, used Alfetta GT will cost "around $5000" in perpetuity.

    • True on the lease, although this guy at work leased a new M3 and was looking to bail on the lease after 11 months. His monthly payment, $990 / mo!

      My friend and I have been using the Alfetta GT standard for years. Although our exchange rate is due for a revaluation, we use 1 Alfetta GT = $1,000.

      When I saw the message from the M3 guy, I thought, wow he could have been buying 1 Alfetta GT every month for the last 11 months… 😉

    • You need 6 or 7 of today's Alfettae (latinate plural?) to get that DeLorean, though. I wonder what the E30 : Alfetta rate is? Would be interesting to graph that over time.

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