• I didn't know about these "Super Kei" vehicles. With a 1.1 litre this thing could be very usable. I wonder what they are like to drive?

    Yes, we are lucky up here in the Glorious People's Republic of Canuckistan. Lots of interesting 15-year-old vehicles become accessible each year. Sadly in my province they froze the emission exemption at 1988 (used to be a rolling 20 year exemption) so one can still face some hurdles to license a vehicle that is fully legal to import.

  • "I wonder why it is that in Canada, citizens can import "non-complying" cars that are only 15 years old or older vs. the U.S. where it is 25 or older."

    Done to protect domestic manufacturers, or the domestic auto industry in general, from any 'conflict of interest' ($$) so to speak. Lobbyists vs Democracy. Any outside sale is a threat so………25 seems ok, eh?

  • "Mitsubishi (who?)"…zing.

    I saw a TV ad for the Galant several years ago and remember thinking that things were looking very bleak for Mitsu from a product perspective. It was laughable, as in the ad there was a James Bond-type figure being briefed on his mission vehicle by a young Q-type, who actually called the Galant "the whole package." I can't remember a more precipitous and conspicuous fall that their product suffered from just 5-10 years before. In the 90s, the diamanté had some legit style and the VR cars had real enthusiast cred. Seeing them try to hawk that cut-rate Camry wanna-be just a short generation after they brought the Evo stateside was sad to watch.

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