• King of Noobs, you are correct as far as I know (and I know so little…urgh…)

    1979 was the first year Porsche put a turbo on the 924.

    Hey, wiki even agrees with me. Imagine that. Yo, dis be da Wiki link

    That being said, the M&R edition was the first "special edition" 924. Purportedly a great gearbox.

    -Stan (…yeah… *that* Stan…)

    • ‘Purportedly a great gearbox’… isn’t that like saying a girl has a great personality?

      The 924 does have a good box and great balance. Not much go though, so you better be good at carrying that inertia through the corners!

      Sweet looks though – on my bucket list. 🙂

  • If it’s a turbo it’s aftermarket. No pics of the engine to prove that it is even turboed or where the turbo is from.
    So many missing pictures of things that would make the car valuable or not. Like the amazing red blue and black seats – that you can just glimpse are heavily light faded. Bet they are split on the seams too.
    Martini cars were same specs as other standard 924s just with the plate, interior seat / carpet color combo and exterior flash.
    As far as I’m aware, the Porsche logo is aftermarket too. Honestly this thing is overpriced for a non-running 924 that just happens to be a limited edition.
    If it was in great condition then it may be worth something in the upper teens, but at most $3.5k like this.

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