• some mighty So Cal Weirdness in that interior. steering wheel/tire chain, not to my taste. orig alum bezel on some sorta inst cluster? real cognitive dissonance goin on there. most of the rest can be corrected with some more rattle cans.

  • The utter lack of imagination found in the counterfeit working biz truck patina is disappointing. A 555 prefix would be (slightly) more believable. Of course, the owner may have a child named Abcde, so….there’s that.

    It’s pronounced “ab-city”, thank you.

    • Funny, I was so underwhelmed by the whole car that I didn't even look long enough to see the terrible spray paint work when this was first posted. Yeah, why even bother. Now the next owner has to primer over it.

      The only mildly interesting thing about this car is the motor swap, but other than being an amusement at Saturday morning's cars and coffee meet, you're going to be shunned everywhere else. The majority of the Ford and Toyota crowds will both think it's a waste. You'll be asked "Why?" so much that you'll go mental.

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