• I thought to myself, wow, that wounds like a decent deal…until I realized I have a 1997 BMW-inline-six-powered BMW that can even drop the top, for which I paid less than 1/9 this price a couple years ago. Crisis averted.

    • Yet 10 years from now……the Aston, as every single one I've owned since 1985, will go UP in value as the BMW continues to drop in price! The rarity of the DB7 i6 (COUPE …and COUPES ONLY) is what to consider here. I've had 3 of the DB7 i6 coupes and even without the supercharger kicked in….it's a blast to drive. πŸ™‚

  • Big GT with that British leather seating .. reminded me of an interesting read – book by Christopher Creighton "OPJB"

  • I get it's an Aston-Martin (and it still looks great after 20+ years) but $140k for this back in the day is cra cra.

  • What are the big service issues for these machines? I know they spent a lot of time parked outside service bays.

    Electrical? (hey, it's British). Mechanical? (hey… it's British)

    Or something else altogether? (hey… it's… um… British…)

    -Stan (who LOVES the lines on this car (top 10 maybe?). But has learned from hard experience that just going for looks doesn't make for a happy long term relationship…)

    • Stan…..I've owned 3 of the DB7 i6 Astons. For a total of 8 years or so…..I only changed the oil, brake pads, mirror switch ($4.00 bucks) and a bulb or two. Electrical issues were never seen on any of my Astons. It's something of a myth nowadays mostly referring back to the old Lucas days in the 60s/70s imho. I bought my last DB7, a 1997 coupe in San Jose summer of 2018. It was so hot…July of course and I drove it home to South Carolina in a very fun 6 day mini vacation! Will be one of the best memories of my life!! I could have never afforded to buy one when they were new…..yet sign me up any day now if the price is right! It's a LOT of car for under 25K. I paid 15,500 for the last one from San Jose! An Absolute steal!! πŸ™‚ Blessings!

  • I give this a 10 on exterior looks but would need to adapt a t56 in order to truly love it.

    Also, I have see the oh so menacing vanquish (what a great name) for $45k. Again, in need of a 6 speed manual.

    Matt Farah has a correct pedal version conversion
    Father is COO of Ralph Lauren

  • I don’t know about reliability, but all the post Tadek Marek AMs seem like fancy Fords.

    The rear end looks like a Crown Vic.

  • I love your article so much. Good job
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