• Are these the ones with the "IMS Hand Grenade" engine option? I see no mention of it having been addressed in the EBay listing.

  • with all these internets around, can anyone still be put off by the IMS thing, what with all the advice and diagnostics and kits and stuff? – i'm sorely tempted

    • I agree. I was just pointing out that the ad did not mention it either way. If IMS has not been addressed, the new buyer should be well armed to deal with it. It LOOKS like a lot of car for the money, and probably soon will join every other 911/912 model on the upward price march.

    • yeah, didn't mean this one in particular, just the 996 in general – steering wheel on the inconvenient side, all that – with a meticulous PPI, what still might not be found?

  • I have a virtual 996 build in my head.
    A duck-tail is a must!
    [image src=" rennlist.com/forums/attachments/996-forum/317185d1227416900-ruf-996-ducktail-fs-img_10000.jpg" width="400px"/]

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