• Not sure what a "piston head" is. I suppose I have been called worse things. The grinding second gear (Se non riesci a trovarli, macinate) is easily offset by the big stickers on the hood.

    • "Piston head" sounds a bit like something you'd slightly chuckle at after hearing your 3 year old shout it at her pestering older brother at the dinner table. Shortened from "Mother Piston Head" that you growled through clenched teeth after bloodying yet another knuckle on that frozen head bolt in the garage while said 3 year old was riding her tricycle within earshot.

  • God forbid Wes Ingram pushes up daisies before an apprentice/take over plan is in place. Rebuilding a Spica unit is art and science with a little voodoo thrown in.

    Spica rebuild artist

    I so want a GTV at some point.

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