• What remarkably rust-free condition! Up here in Canada, these and all their brethren (and sistren) decomposed into piles of orange dust before the 70s were even finished. It just amazes me to see that photo of the engine bay with brake lines that are still recognizable as such! All that being said, as a car the B210 was a significant step down from its 510 predecessor.

  • Love this one. Even prefer the 4-door body style with the B210.

    Be aware, the odometer is only a 5-digit unit and mileage could easily be 132,343. They're only advertising the car as "Odometer reads 32,343 miles." You're making the assumption of super-low miles because of condition. The seller is careful not to claim low miles or original miles.

    This car is more likely to be a very well kept 132,000 mile car than a 32,000 one. It's not hard to put 100,000 miles on a car like this without beating it to hell. I know, as I have a straight car with 350,000 documented miles on it. Assume the higher miles unless there is documentation. Either way, it's still a decent price on an unusual, durable, cool(?), well kept old car. Datsuns rule.

  • I learned how to drive a stick shift on an '81 Datsun 210. It was a challenge, between an engine that made about 50 hp when new, steep highway gears, and a shifter so vague I thought the gates had been made of rotten bananas. Not exactly a car I would feel very nostalgic for.
    Unless you swapped in a nasty bridge-ported Mazda rotary… or maybe an L28ET out of a 280ZX Turbo.

  • not many of those surviving. there used to be more of those on the road than hondas today. i loved mine. when i had mine there was always 20+ in the local junkyard to get parts off of, but they were blowing up and getting junked at an alarming rate then and we ran out of them quick.

  • BTW a comment about the odometer, i don't know why but many of these had a hidden 6th digit under the plastic fascia, i took mine apart to do a repair and found mine had over 400,000 miles on it, so i cut the fascia to display the digit.

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