• No it had a sunny front grill which was held in place cleverly by pieces of wood cut from Dave's brush handle, IIRC 😀 A loose dog on a country road at night took out the grill, headlight, and hood. An SUV or truck backed into the front jdm bumper at work and tweaked it, too.

    • i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp154/stracy01/377054_1713441532966_963154009_n.jpg i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp154/stracy01/404971_1713398651894_72214957_n.jpg
      the front end as I had it 🙂

    • Ignorance is bliss! I tracked this car extensively and I can assure you, it's most certainly not fecal matter 😀
      Watch for the M5 waving me by youtu.be/kbXe_TSh3rk or on an autocross course youtu.be/nvg8olqvmvg

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