• I once bought Somebody Else's Project (SEP) and lived to really, really regret doing so. I flew out from Austin to New Jersey to check out a K20a swapped Honda Insight and really didn't like the hack job and rats nest of wiring that I found, but I ignored all the alarm bells and bought it rather than go home disappointed. Thousands and thousands of dollars later I'd mostly corrected the garbage car I'd purchased. Never again. Anyone buying this better really scrutinize it and be prepared to turn wrenches anyway.

    Also: those rat rod tail lights on a VW … blecch! The rest of it I'm kinda digging.

  • @David Sanborn, you are not alone. fell into the same trap after I drove from Norcal to Phoenix w/a trailer to look at a 'restored' rare motorcycle. Condition was not as represented but after the drive well, after a couple years and a lot of sweat equity I sold it w/o losing money I had put into parts.

    • Once burned, twice shy. I've seen a lot of apparently good deals since then on project cars and haven't had the nerve to pull the trigger again.

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