• Looks like a decent cheap ride (and I don't mind the BMW wheels at all).

    I am curious: Up here is my province of the Peoples' Republic of Canuckistan, cars require a safety inspection to be registered for road use. As a result, cars can be sold "As is" or "Safetied". Ads usually are pretty clear about what condition applies. So, is that also the case in California, where this Golf is for sale? Is that usually a negotiating point during a sale?

    • We have zero safety inspection requirements in CA, only an emissions test requirement for gasoline cars from 1976-up, and diesel from 1998-up. You could be driving around in a homemade rat rod deathtrap, but as long as it's either smog exempt or passed a smog test every other year, you are good to go. Might sound ridiculous but in reality cars pretty much last forever out here. Even in the snowy Sierra Nevadas we do not use road salt, so the worst rust you're going to find is on a car that sits in the salty foggy air near the coastline. Setting up the infrastructure required to implement safety inspections would take a century, I'm sure.

    • That's very interesting! Thanks CFlo. Frankly, I am amazed, given the extent to which the automobile seemed to be public enemy #1 to Californian legislators back in the 70s.

      Up here, it is not unusual for a 100,000 mi used car to require $1000 of work to be registered on a resale. And serious rust will simply make it impossible. Inspection standards were toughened up last year. It really makes it tricky to shop for a used car, especially private deals.

  • So scant info, but the local Wolfsburg bargain bin has this Mk4 for 2400 –


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