• i forgot these were FWD – didn't Mythbusters try to polish a turd once? – ostrich feces, google says – here's a nice video about dorodango, aka: dragon eggs, but really Japanese "mud dumplings", similar


    • dragon ball, dragon egg, shiny Lumina – all is one

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  • When I was going to college in the early 90's I worked in sales at a Chevy dealer for a while. The Lumina with this motor was very well regarded and could take all sorts of abuse.

    Anyway, the owners of the dealership had some friends in high places I guess. One day, there was a buzz about some one-off Camaro that the dealership's owner was looking forward to seeing and it was coming to the dealership for a quick visit… something Chevy was apparently looking at possibly making a new motor option for the Camaro. Thankfully I was there when it eventually rolled in. It looked like a standard '90/'91 Z-28, but had paint matched wheels, like they used to do with the V6/RS model Camaros. Z-28's had different colored ground effects, while the RS's were paint matched. This was badged as a Z-28, but with RS wheels and ground effects.

    It had the same 3.4 ltr. DOHC 24-valve motor the Lumina had here, but turbocharged. Whomever was driving it, wearing a Chevy SLP shirt and all, talked about how the original goal was to put this set up in a limited production Lumina or Pontiac Grand Prix (replacing the lack luster 3.1 ltr. turbo option the Grand Prix had offered in the past). But with the performance being so good the Camaro came into the picture. The Camaro also had boatloads of space under the hood, especially when mated with the V6. They guy said this gave them more turbo set up options.

    Anyway, GM was apparently on the fence as to whether or not the upcoming redesigned Camaro ('93) should get a 5.7 ltr. V8 or this new turbocharged 3.4 ltr. V6. The V8 (in '93) put out 275 horsepower, but this turbocharged V6 was easily making 300-325 horsepower. We all know what ultimately happened, but this is very reminiscent of why GM killed the Grand National to me… you can't have GM's flagship sports car (the Corvette) bested by a "lesser" model with two less cylinders and a vacuum cleaner attached.

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