• kinda looks like a triumph stag had a drunken night with a jeep..and whats with those headlights? is it the lighting or are the aimed a bit towards the shoulders?

    • The car drives beautifully. I restored the interieur ,excellent driving car. Someone did an excellent job building this car titled as a 1972 detton Phantom

  • I'm so glad the posting is archived here as it's now history on Faceballs Marketplace. What fevered imagination thought that front end was aesthetic? It looks like a Maxton Rollerskate that lost a brutal bar fight.

  • Lifelock had already taken down the ad when I looked, but it looks like a bugeye sprite and fiberfab seven got their chromsomes rearranged by a british particle accelerator fueled by cutty sark & resin fumes –

  • "She a witch of trouble in electric blue in her own bad mind she's in luv with you" – Strange Brew by Cream before Eric Clapton got of Austin Powers as a clothes consultant.

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