• Hugh — I count 8 spark plug wires! I think this is a legit 8-cylinder packard for next to nothin!

    • I stand corrected.
      The last before the board turned the company over to a stove salesman. Nance (from Hotpoint) decided that the old Packards lasted too long and ordered that all the spare parts, tooling, and even the blueprints be destroyed.
      Then after merging with Studebaker eventually the Packard dealers became Mercedes Benz dealers.
      You could probably run this car until they stop selling gasoline.

  • It is, indeed, a 327 ci straight flathead 8. Made 150 HP, not bad for it's time. There are still multi carb manifolds and hot cams made for these so you could easily hot rod this up a bit. Actually, the straight 8 was part of Parckards demnise when everyone else was going to V8 power. For $6500, this is a deal. Their ad slogan was "Ask the Man Who Owns One"

  • Theres one of these sitting outside a local garage….in much worse condition. This looks like an 'affordable' entry into the world of elderly men with too much money in their overdone old cars.

    • I know, it looks like a good enough start in that field that I'd be tempted to snap this one up along with a three piece suit and matching fedora.

  • regarding all that type spent on the NAPA/other battery. you DID see that this is still a 6v system, right? who still supplies these with a mainstream brand label on the side, anyway?

    • Excid makes them. 6v it still the standard for golf carts, fork lifts, tractors, and big trucks. Wired up in series of course.

  • It's been almost 4 weeks since the ad was originally posted and it's still available. Gotta figure the price is getting soft.

    To paraphrase Bobinott, that's a lot of stateliness for about a buck a pound.

    – John

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