• I'm pretty sure the "adult toys" slogan wasn't an accident. This is the same company that named one of their color codes "Curious Yellow" after a notorious adult movie – and that was after the higher-ups vetoed calling another one of their color codes "Statutory Grape."

  • These are pretty rare – and at the time they were the quickest American made vehicle from 0 -100. Granted that could be considered damning with faint praise given the factory offerings in 1978, but still… And they tend to hold their value. There's a market for them, a small one, but still this is one example where "rare does equal valuable" – somewhat. dodgeconnection.com/LilRedInfo.html

  • I had a 79 they came in higher numbers then the 78 prefer the 79 Quad headlights gas hog 4 sure.
    My Seats were black like this one but a few came with the red interior now that is rare.

  • One other note those are the Factory Slotted chrome wheels they are replaced a lot because of rusty tin-worm issues and age.

  • When partition is made (7+ yards), a player should then square his shoulders up to the protector. used car dealerships near me

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