• The best seat cover has to be the Mexican blanket. Can I say that or does it have another name now? Did I just commit a micro-aggression? I'm micro-sorry if I did.

  • " angry melted headlight treatment." Nailed it. Same thing with motorcycles: I'm ANGRY! Extreme! Monster Energy Drink! Extreme!


    I also just learned that you can buy covers for your round headlamps to make them look angry as well.

  • did no one look at the Cl ad and see the sticker in the back window "Loser". Why in the world would anyone buy a car that was just "tuned up" by a mechanic and now won't start and he says it might be cuased by …

  • "Can you imagine buying a 2002 model year styled vehicle new in the showrooms today…"

    well, early last year you could buy the last units of the first-gen XC90, released by the very same Volvo XC90 in 2002 🙂

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