• I've always liked these, and even more now that they're so cheap. Anyone here have first-hand ownership experience? Are they good to live with? Major faults?

  • Honestly, very appealing. If this was the wagon version, I would be planning a springtime drive to NY state, as it is within an easy driveable distance. I also look forward to hearing some real-work experiences.

  • Hard pass. It's GM, plus it is in the early stages of metal moth infestation. If I had to have one, I'd look in the South.

  • My 92 year old grandfather has a 2006 with 3.6, auto, and about 35k miles. It is shocking how poorly put together it is. I feel bad that the man wanted a Cadillac his entire life and this is the turd he ended up with.

  • 1 Hr South of Rochester
    1 Hr North of Elmira
    Yep, in the middle of no-where. Been there, done nothing.
    (thank God I had to click on cars for verification)

  • So this car was intended to compete with the BMW 3-Series of the era? Well, for this price, you could easily buy an E46 or E90 330i sedan of that general era with comparable mileage and in compable shape, with a 6-speed, and have money left over. And it would be a better car than this Caddy in just about every way, wouldn’t it?

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