• Some ask why? Some ask why not? I ask, WTF? I mean, you use a semi iconic American car for your kit inspiration, you choose a malaise era design? You even replicate the big ugly bumpers. I like how he routed the exhaust forward to make it exit in front of the rear wheel. Just when I was thinking, that has to be a one of one creation, he gets a reply from a guy who already has one, and wants another! Isn't that like having herpes simplex 1, and wanting the next version?

  • I'll just leave this here.

    [image src=" midlifecrisishawaii.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Disneyland-Autopia.jpg"width="600px"/]

  • Obviously a super-secret Disney prototype for the new Autopia ride in RetroLand…

    Stan (the *other* Stan…)

  • I thought I had seen all kinds of crazy car kits but this one has to take the award for most head scratching. I guess if you were a Camaro fan who had access to an old VW Bug, this might be a cheap way to own a convertible Z/28esque vehicle. I can honestly say I have never seen one of these before in my nearly half-century on this planet. So does it have the venerable 350 cu V8 under the hood or does it run with the O4 100.1 cu, 46 BHP engine? I'd say there is a bit of a difference from 0-60 with each engine.

  • I kind of like the fact that it manages to be offensive to everyone, that's actually a kind of hard thing to do.

    All it needs is one of those "make america great again" bumper stickers.

  • Judging by all the questions in the ebay ad, there is some serious interest in this car.

    I'm just trying to figure out why someone would pay *more* money for a smaller, slower fake version of a Camero, when they could get the real thing?

    Is there something here we're all missing?

    Perhaps this is a highly sought after vehicle for Shriner's parades?

    Scratching my head on this one…

    -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

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