• This is a smokin hot deal if I don't say so myself. Not sure if the stickers add or subtract from the asking price, but I'd drive this thing every day if I could get the chance.

  • Good lord these are pretty! I'm not much for stickers and such but they wouldn't stop me from owning this. Only my lack of money can do that.

  • Super sexy. Part of me wishes this weren't a full day's drive away. The other part is my wallet, which is happy to stay put. If there was ever an excuse to have fewer cars so you have room (and budget) for the rare deal…

    Anybody want to buy an '07 E90 335i six speed and a '73 2002 and an '87 Porsche 951?

  • I want to find a winding dirt road and drive the hell out of this thing.

    I'm pretty sure the rough English translation for "Lancia Fulvia" is "Make Bad Decisions And Smile".

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