• Virgil Exner design, right?

    I used to hate everything he did. I'm still not fond of most of the bigger ones, though they've got a definite feeling for the period.

    I do happen to have come around to liking the first Valiant quite a lot, though.

  • Man you guys are way off on this one. Its gorgeous. Check out the oddly shaped steering wheel. I had a '63 Crown Imperial two tone so I guess Im biased and unable to process your HATE. Governor Pat Brown of California had a Ghia limo based on the '60 I think, His son our present Governor I believe was driven in a motor pool Plymouth the first time around……..I'll bet Linda Ronstadt just loved that

    • There's this odd Internet effect where people seek out topics they supposedly like and proceed to say nothing positive about them. No car receives anything but negative criticism. I am as baffled by it as you are. I happen to think this carvis over-the-top fantastic, and I'd love to take it for a ride.

    • It actually seemed like rather modest hate on a frankly polarizing design. I, for one, welcome the ovoid tiller and krill-oriented features. It's in the range of my favorite car color too. I'd totally be the man in the high tower on this one.

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