• How does one refer to this type of modification, trunkectomy, rear pontonification with skirts and a side of brougham?

  • Amazing. To think that someone invested many scores (500 hours? 1000? 2000?) to create this monstrosity. The entire thing is a POS, eligible only for the crusher. I would be amazed if it gets a single bid. What was the creator thinking of? Here's the bad part: He's probably very proud of his creation. Well, maybe. How could anyone be proud of an abortion like that?

  • Are the cigarette burns, random suspicious stains and gallon of armor all on the doors included in the sale price?

    Also, I used to live next to this town. It is the asshole of otherwise beautiful western Mass.

  • Well, I like this a LOT better than the Spartan II on the previous post. I also like it better than the Lincoln Town Car on which it was based. Since I found no corresponding kits, I suppose someone did an awful lot of high-quality (if debatably misguided) body fabricating to come up with this result.

  • scarryfnlarrys.com/packlin.html Here is the builder.He does many of these. This particular one was made for a movie, I forget what the name of the movie was now. Been many years since I worked with this car…

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