• I have loved these cars so much over the years. First from afar, as they were forbidden fruit to us, then with overwhelming joy once Subaru deemed us worthy to purchase their little rally warriors in their various trims and guises. I waited, biding my time, as they've depreciated down to where a cheapskate enthusiast like myself can justify picking one up as a toy. But, having heard the testimonies of d.t. adherents, I can only feel a sense of disappointment mingled with relief as I strike these from my wish list. Those two words: "engine out" fill me and my limited budget with far too much dread. Damn…

    • Yep same here. A couple years ago I saw one that had an LS swap and was rear wheel drive. That concept sounded good, then I saw how much fab work went into it and have decided WRX's are just not for me.

  • I love Subies & absolutely fear head gasket issues, so I bought a Legacy Brighton wagon with the EJ22 – seems they're known for legendary reliability as well as slowness. I do admire my peers with their fancy turbos, dohc and an additional .3 liters of displacement … right up until they wonder where their coolant went.

  • I’ve owned 5 STis in my time and so far, not had a single bad occurrence such as above.
    Take this case in point. The engine is out because some dipstick cross threaded the spark plug.

    Having owned early STis in the UK that were both UK cars and Jap imports and now some in the US, I think the 04/05 years are the best for feedback and feel.

    My current daily is a 2015 Launch edition with 75k on the clock. It’s not as raw (but deep down I love the heated seats).

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