• Appropriately enough, the ad is named "SAAB MADNESS", all caps in the original. Yes, I'm aware that SAAB should be all caps, but this one seems to need MADNESS in all caps too. Or at the very least, a LOT OF SPARE TIME in all caps.

  • Is there a picture tax I'm not aware of? If you're trying to sell something put some freakin' pictures in your ad."This is what I got, ya either want it or ya don't." I guess is the attitude.
    These are the same people who get annoyed when someone calls them with a thousand questions. Picture s are worth a thousand questions.
    With a few pictures and a paragraph of information you could avoid many basic questions and attract serious buyers.
    Rant over.

    • Marve,

      Someone who collects a yard full of derelict Saabs may not have great marketing or photographic skills.

      Or common sense.

      -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

  • Checks a few of the right boxes. If you are gonna buy a SAAB, you need to buy at a least a few to keep one running, and if buying an old car(s), from the desert in NM probably isn't a bad idea.

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