• The hidden jewel in this ad, for me, is the little yellow "shift now" arrow on the tach. It has been dialed in at a very Ferrrrrarri-like 4,200 rpm. "Nobody, over-revs my baby!"

  • Well, you could look at it this way: compared to the real thing, the $20K you save on the next 30,000 mile service visit more than pays for this copy. Oh, and then you also could afford to have 4 of those exhaust tips removed.

    • Yeah, this is a seriously tipsy car.

      Agree about the service. Who designs a car that you need to drop the engine to change the oil?

      Right. Ferrari.

      -Stan (who loves the lines of the 308/328…and watches old Magnum PI reruns…)

  • Why oh why do folks ask crazy prices for replicas? A smart person will buy a stock Fiero for half the price, and at half the price, the stock Fiero will have working power windows and working A/C.

    • PS. Too bad it's not a MERA (one of only 247 made, one of the rarest, most collectible American cars).

      PPS. Too bad it's not an '88 (completely re-worked suspension, a totally different car)

      PPPS. Please don't ask me how I know all of this.

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