• What a cool car. My uncle had one of these back in the 70s and as a kid it seemed to me like the most exotic thing on earth. This seller seems to have some other great cars hanging out in the background of the Jensen photos too.

  • More presence than any other beige car ever.
    If there is no rust, this is an amazing car. One should keep in mind however that Jenson used to do the rust subcontracting for other manufacturers back in the day.

  • I remember driving down the highway in my 7 year old VW Rabbit (unibody, the body was the frame).

    Car felt kinda wiggly.

    So reached over (while driving 60 mph) and pulled away the carpet from the footwell of the passenger's side.

    And I saw…. the highway.

    The unibody had rusted, and the car was splitting in two.


    I slowed down a bit, and drove it to my mechanic's.

    We stripped the car for parts (its engine gave a '75 Scirocco a new life). I remember picking up the entire Rabbit body after we'd stripped it, and moving it all by myself (it weighed next to nothing).

    But that wasn't nearly as exciting as the day I hit a speed bump in a different (old, rusted) Rabbit, and the entire (rusted out) footwell under my feet peeled back… revealing nothing but air. I drove that Rabbit for 50 miles with the highway running under my feet at 55 mph. THAT was a religious experience.

    I was tempted to try the Fred Flintstone stop, by putting my feet down.

    -Stan (…yeah… *that* Stan…)

    PS I drove that car for another 8 months. Just jammed a piece of plywood in the footwell. May not have been safe. But at least I didn't have to look at the highway flying underneath my feet at 60 mph…

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