• I've owned two of them for many years, and they're great cars. However, dealer support disappeared years ago, and most parts are now comprised of unobtanium. Worst yet, it's getting pretty rare around here to find one in a boneyard.

    • Sad to hear parts are hard to come by. I had been considering one of these as a weekend car. Still love how cool yet subtle these are.

    • They're great cars; very refined, yet fun to drive. Both of mine were M/T, and that made it even better. It would work for the purpose you envision, as they're ultra-reliable; but I wouldn't buy an A/T and I wouldn't put a whole lot of money in it because you're one significant fender-bender away from game over.

  • So that's what they look like when they have not rusted from the road up…. Nice!

    [image src=" acura-legend.com/vbulletin/attachments/f4/4832d1207438676-rust-repair-estimates-driver-side-quarter-panel.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • I had a 1990 LS coupe with the 2.7L and a 5-speed. Bought it in 1995 I think, after my Milano went up in flames. After the Milano it seemed like a really big car, but it was oh so nice on the road. Not as light and tossable as the Milano but a superb highway cruiser. I would gladly drive it again…but probably not with an automatic.

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