• I had the almost-clone of this car (mine was carbon black with black)….It would be very, very hard to imagine finding a car that was more fun than this for this price. Good luck!

  • Wow. There is nothing better than a car with a type-A owner that not only takes care of it, but shares what he/she's done.

    My second Porsche was like that. Previous owner even knew what *day* it had been built at the factory in Stuttgart.

    Stan (who is wondering why our Editor in Chief Vince hasn't grabbed this already?)

  • Hey guys thanks for the comments! I'm the seller and can answer any questions about the car.

    I have been driving it daily for the past few days & it has ran great. Top down with the A/c on blast and the car runs as it should, cool & with plenty of power. I will be giving it another oil change before it goes as I will be driving it daily until it sells.

    It really is a toss up between driving my 987.2 Cayman & the M3, it's just that good. If I could keep it I would. Help me pay for my wedding?!

  • This is a great deal. So many of the convertibles have the time-bomb SMG transmission, the fact that this has three pedals makes it even better. Good luck with the sale!

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