• When I used to road race motorcycles this was by far the most popular starter bike for any track related effort. A little dated tech, but a solid ride nevertheless and still a great starter track bike… big guys, little guys, whatever.

    There was a recall for the 2000 SV650, but based on the mileage of this one it's either already been done or was never an issue to begin with. For some SV650Y and SY models (frame numbers JS1AV111200101536-102366 on SV650SY models, JS1AV133200100776-100997 on SV650Y models) an oil guide plate was fit to stop air being drawn into the oil pump inlet and causing premature crankshaft wear. With 23k on the odometer though, chances are it's all good. Doesn't hurt to check though, since we're talking about a track bike.

  • Nice bike, great price, good luck with the sale. If I hadn't wrecked my Monster 750 and curvy SV650 I'd consider another. These are great bikes, plenty of power and good handling. However I don't need to be 0 for 3.

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