• Juuuuuuust a little bit of extra room in the engine bay with the 4-banger!

    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/00w0w_jWksFaq9kHq_1200x900.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • Jon Huber would be impressed; he's only managed to get a bit over 1000 hp out of a Pinto engine. 🙂

      I see it's also running a Capri hatch, although there's no mention of that in the ad.

    • Got a bit over zealous with the use of the 555555555555 key on my keyboard…whoops, happened again! Perhaps I need to clean my keyboard.

    • The Capri hatch isn't horrible, but the original double spoiler hatch was part of the SVO cool factor. Without it, something just seems off.

  • The picture showing the rear end must have been during construction. I don't see any exhaust system unless… Thats where the extra 1800 horsepower came from. I always liked the looks of these cars (OK I liked the offset hood scoop) I wonder how much faster and furiouser you could boost the Pinto motor before it blowed up real good?

  • It's Bubblicious and the original Bi-plane hatch is included.
    easy to get to 300Hp with a few small mods 450hp with a few cubic dollars.
    Yes the underside pic is during install so no exhaust visible.
    Seems to be fast enough as it is. IMHO

  • The speedometer is enough to make me want this car. It goes up to 85 and then past that there's just red hash marks. Like the Ford designers had doubts, hesitations, or second thoughts about any speeds past 85 and just wouldn't acknowledge them. I'd label that part of the speedo the "Danger Zone". Coincidence that Top Gun also is from 1986? I think not! "That's right Ice Man… I am dangerous!"

    [image src=" pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/8.jpg?w=670&h=377&crop=1" width="400px"/]

  • What happens after 85MPH? Your Mullet blows off and your parachute pants fall down and you find yourself back in the future. It happens every time.
    I'm going have to add Danger Zone to my Schvoe cruising play list and of course some aviator shades. Wife says it goes or me. But you cant threaten a guy with a good time.
    I know she doesn't mean that. What she really means is get that thing out of my Porsche parking space in the garage. Some one please get this thing outta here.

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