• I'm not a purist, but this thing is more abominable than when those whippet dogs get hypermuscularism (totally a word btw)

  • All I have to say is this: 2002 Drag car!!! More subtle though. baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/3842656871.html

  • If you chopped the roof off it and toss a tiny windscreen and roll bar you could cruise around trying to convince people you have an ultra-rare Shelby/BMW collaboration.

  • First BaT posts the Capri from the other day and now DT lists this thing…not enough cars for sale? I'll take a widebody two-tone paint Capri please.

  • This thing is terrible. Wouldnt it look so much better with a flat any colour paint job. I hat flat paint but I think ut would make this thing not so hard on the eyes.

  • This exact car was on car chasers I think. They painted it white and put the blue/white stripes down the middle. It looks way better now.

    • You apparently missed the follow-up done here not that long ago.. enjoy

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