• Likely a decent car if it was used as a daily driver by someone who is evidently an Audi nut. I see 2, if not 3, other 80s/90s era Audis in the background of the photos. Those without the ability to deal with vintage Audis wouldn't subject themselves to owning more than one… unless the others were parts cars.

    That price seems reasonable for a car that looks solid but has a few rough edges. I do think there should be a discount for those hideous seat covers though.

  • I've always thought these and Quattro coupes were good looking vehicles, I used to work with a guy who lived in Germany in the late 80s he was a DJ at a dance club and bought a nearly new Quattro coupe off some guy who came to the bar all the time for whatever the dealership was offering him to trade it in. All time favourite version
    Quattro SWB:
    [image src=" sportscarmarket.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/16e97cc91b515d46d45a2457246dfb88.jpg" width="400px"/].

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