• This car has a lot going for it. '68 the best year to get, headrests, and dual master cylinder brakes. Still has the dual carbs. Love this color. Manual trans, do not see the overdrive lever, but see a switch on the dash. I prefer the wagons but this sedan looks very tempting.

  • Major extra points for not having rear doors! I like this car a lot, especially in Swedish Racing Green w/ saddle interior 🙂 Is it me or is this a really good candidate to make a driveable survivor. No new paint, just make it mechanically sound and drive it everywhere.

  • If it's not rusty , buy it!
    I had a '67 for years in 1975 and drove it everywhere. It's a SAFE old car which makes it better as a driver.
    I've had 8 old Volvos since. They are so easy to keep and use.

  • I had a '64 with the B18 engine. I had lots of mechanical trouble with it and the rocker panels were rusting (Michigan winters and this was 1972). It had some of the most comfortable seats I've ever had in a car.

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