• Yes for the price of one 1985 Grand National plus one bookmobile plus one Xr4ti plus one 850 plus one 164 plus one Volaro, I think I know where my money's going.
    I try to read DT daily just so I know where the real value's at. Keep posting those deals guys. Novelty cars like this don't do it for me.

  • Always interesting to see wetness below the brake pedal.
    Price lowered by $15k to $28k, lower it another $15k and they might be getting close.
    Also have been puzzled by the interest and price premium paid for basically the brit version of a Jeep. Just buy a Jeep, it'll do most things better and huge aftermarket for support.

  • I have noticed many aging men like myself driving around in rugged vehicles trying to deny that they are not a free young man anymore. Grow a beard, wear redwing boots, buy a hatchet and a fishing pole, put on a flannel and go to the coffee shop. It is a "look" around where I live and the vehicles never leave the pavement.
    It is probably what drives the prices up on these. It's a fun fantasy to play. meanwhile the family minivan has a molding cheerios jammed in every interior crack and sippy cups spilling sticky juice everywhere.

    off topic – but a funny review of the Chrysler Pacifica

  • I keep thinking about people living 1/2 way between Nairobi and Mombasa and how they might regard the asking price for this. Surely it would inspire them to ferret out local 'garage finds' that they could put on containers and ship to Hipsterville for big cash. Makes those Emails from the Nigerian princes look old-school! 😉
    That aside..I just don't get the attraction to these old beasts. They absolutely beat you to death on a rough road and are useless on the highway.
    Can you imagine the amount of pipe smoking that would be going on if this was offered on BAT?!

  • Can we get a timeline of DailyT's self imposed price limit? I could swear the last time it came up it was 6 thousand. A 20K limit on absurd oddball albeit fun cars like DT posts is filthy rich guy territory in my book…

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