• Chevy V8, preferably LS1, like the Volvo wagon. Loud exhaust. Matte black paint. Or camo. And I don't know what to do with that interior, wow.

    Get out of my way!!

  • This car debuted the Weissach Axle. I wonder how it would work as a race car, stripped bare of that interior to pay for the cage?

  • grandpa here and wondering would you try to race an old timer like this or just restore it to it old glory (my preference). I think it needs a lot more than tires and a tune-up! I actually like the interior but not the red paint! 🙁 I think it needs a battery, all fluids, brakes un-seized, wipers, plugs, and a lot of things no one expected.

  • I bought this car!! …. Paid 1700.00 for it. The odometer works, as I did take it around the block. Only 31000 original miles. Had small engine fire and sat for over 20 years, but fuel system was cleaned out and car runs!!! Original color is mocca black. Pulling motor out this spring and resealing it. Am keeping it original!!!

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