• It was Ford's attempt at a 5-series, and was originally intended to be sold in Europe to replace the Scorpio/Granada. Then Ford went off and bought Jaguar and then Volvo while the DEW98 was in development, and Wolfie Reitzle (fresh from being dumped by BMW because the Mini/Rover deal cost too much) decided that it didn't make sense to sell a Ford-branded car as an executive piece.

    It's a far better platform than any Volvo has ever had.

  • Wait a second… do I see a faux wood steering wheel cover that exactly matches the wood dash and console inserts?!?! That's the most impressive piece of this car. Forget the 5 speed manual. Never before in automotive history has a steering wheel cover come so close to belonging in a car. It still shouldn't be there, but just barely.

  • Clean the bilge. Make sure it's not full of dirt, leaves, oil, etc. A smelly bilge is another turnoff, especially for women buyers.
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