• This thing is nicely done, but about $6,000 overpriced. Not surprised at all that it's not sold yet. The first person to own a cafe'd BMW in the US? Yeah, okay.

  • They're pretty close, down to the rear turn signal/brake lights. Looks like it was a build 2, sell one strategy. Not bad, until the man pulls you over thinking you're the other guy that got away from him the night before. Try talking your way outta that one without snitching on your buddy/builder.

  • "be the first"? I've see cafe'd bmw boxers being sold for a while, or is the trend just now creeping out of the pnw

  • Seems like the seller is trying to make a tidy profit. I did see stock R100s selling for $4k to $5k. Sure, the labor involved is worth something, but if you built this yourself you'd have a pile of parts you could sell to recoup some costs.

    Here's a very similar bike for sale in Cleveland for $6500. The seat reminds me of some sort of dragonfly thorax or something (not in a good way).


  • Glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks the seller is somewhat optimistic on the price. I'm a classic CB750 man myself, but if I'm not mistaken those had "crash" gear boxes that take a lot of getting used to, not allowing quick shifts, but I get the look. Fender less front tires are more for looks, not much fun in the rain.

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