• how does this engine problem happen if the IMS and and RMS Upgrades have been done? No mention of mileage or CARFAX?

  • Looking at the video… Looks like a warning light is covered in black tape. I think that's the brake light so factor in at least some new pads with sensors.

    The green light indicates the cruise control is powered on.

    The ticking noise – roll the dice or get a PPI.

  • Doesn't sound like a lifter to me. He should get spectrum analyzer and measure the frequency of the noise, then compare that to the engine rpm. The engine is turning at about 1000 rpm, or 16.7 Hz. The cam turns at half that frequency–so if the noise is occurring at about 8 Hz, it's in the valve train (could be anything, including the cam shaft thrust bearing) and not a big deal. If it's at 16+ Hz, he's got a problem.

    Incidentally, any one of you with a spectrum analyzer (or even an event counter and a stop watch) could do the same thing with his recording.

    • I hadn't thought about putting the audio from a youtube video through a spectrum analyzer — that is a great idea. I've done it with cell phone audio recordings to track down the source of turbocharger noise. Run some FFTs, plot the waterfalls and go to town. (pro tip: No, seriously, I am a pro — I used to manage the noise and vibration team from a large turbocharger manufacturer.)

  • I know the ignition is just turned on but I though this picture was funny.
    Basically sums it up
    [image src=" i.ebayimg.com/images/g/uCIAAOSwAyBZo1KW/s-l1600.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • I asked the mileage and he said 330k on the cluster, but its from a different car and his estimation is the average- 8k per year. So no idea on the mileage. Not even a ballpark.

    • Now why'd you make me go and google yet another thing to keep me away from a 996!! Okay…it really isn't that common to have bore scoring and symptoms include oil consumption and other nasty stuff. read here

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