• Greetings from the year 2020. We've made a lot of advancements in time travel (once you realize space time is actually 6 dimensional, it works out a lot easier.) but flying cars were a big mistake. They've been banned ever since a drunk driver crashed one into the oval office window. Good thing president Ted Nugent was on vacation to bow hunt pandas (no longer endangered) in The New People's Glorious China That Is In No Way Affiliated With Old North Korea (NPGCTIINWAWONK). In Other news, The rest of the world has switched from gasoline to ethanol produced from Algae, which is actually quite palatable, as well as cheap to produce. The US still runs on dead dinosaurs and ethanol from foodstocks, thanks to lobbyists.

    In the year 2020, a condition 2 Datsun 240z is worth about 100k USD due to massive inflation during Dennis Rodman's single presidential term and Monsanto's "accidental" release of an amoeba that spreads rust like wildfire.

  • Without seeing the floors, engine bay, hatch area or title cleanliness, I'll assume them to be rusted through and dirty, respectively. $3k because it has blue plates and made it there under its own power (presumably). Of course, solid floors, sorted engine bay and a clean title would bump it up a few grand to, say, $7k.

    For market reference, in April I bought my '72 240z barely-runner with beautiful paint, a solid documented ownership history for the past 30 years, and 98% solid floors/rear hatch and clean title for just north of $4k. I'm still sub-$1k in parts & labor into it and its now a strong, non leaking runner with a 5-spd and no rust.

  • sold my very damned nice 1972 240z with 5 speed two weeks ago for 14K and some change.
    The " market " is beginning to recognize the early light weight cars.

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