• Hmmm…DT link gremlin…
    Here's the actual listing. Let me know if anyone wants a local look at it…I'm free this weekend for a road trip!

  • The most controversial car Porsche has ever built/sold, especially with an Auto tranni. You either love it or NOT. Technically this should have been a world beater, this is just one example that not every model will get accepted.

    • In Detroit, we called 928s a rich man's Pacer.

      Or was it the Pacer that was the poor man's 928…?

      [image src=" goo.gl/images/7uwqUp" width="400px"/]

      -Stan (yeah…*that* Stan…)

  • Link in the piece fixed guys thanks! I owned this same car in a manual. It nearly bankrupt me maintaining the car. The final straw was when the crank pulley sprocket cracked and grenaded the hot euro spec cams. It was the best driving car that I will ever own, but will not buy again…

  • I see now. They were added when car was federalized, and even though current seller did major bodywork on passenger side, he elected to keep them on as deleting the other side would have been costly. It's a Euro.


  • For our fastest lemons build we built up a Euro motor with twin dizzy, dropped it in the 928 estate, and reved it to 6200 before upshift. That was a gazelle.

    After it blew up (yeah) we took the go-fast euro parts off and have put them in 2 bottom ends since. Not as fast as the original but fun still.

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