• Well, I guess I will be the voice in the wilderness. I think the Maverick/Comet design aged well, and is more attractive than the contemporary Mustangs. This car has the good looking smaller bumpers. And with this drive train, this thing could be fun to drive. Grab just about any Mustang performance catalog, and a cup of coffee. The sky's the limit. I would swap out that bench seat for buckets, however.

  • This car always seemed more like the Australian version of Ford performance. Properly proportioned for 2, cozy for 4 and a V8 up front. I agree with Bobinott, I've been surprised that there are not more really nicely done Comet/Mavericks given the price of a Mustang starter kit. Anyone seen any really nicely developed ones?

    • Wow, yes that is NICE. Thanks HB! Here is another that looks mean:

      [image src=" 65.media.tumblr.com/522ee4e6e6fbe6053a8bc51e6a02d5d0/tumblr_mx9j5eynyx1qanlclo1_500.jpg" width="400px"/]

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