• And how does something like this end up in Omaha NE? I mean, I had family from around there, but still…someone USAF who fell in love with one in Japan? He couldn't have just done the sane thing and brought a girl back, no, he had to have a little Nissan?

  • These have the drive train from the Nissan Micra of the time. According to Wiki, they were available with the 5-speed manual, so maybe this particular example could be retro-fitted (get it, RETRO fitted, huh, huh!). In any event, it would be an entirely usable car (even if the SUV crowd would never realize that fact).


    I just returned from a 240 mile one-day round trip in my 600cc 2CV, so this Pao looks like a luxo-cruiser to me.

  • Classic beauties are rare gems that not just anybody would have the luck to uncover. It takes constant searching on a regular basis to finally settle down with the rarest masterpiece. Some oldies do not have the best exterior design I must say, but it is the unique outlook that is so attractive in my opinion.

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