• One thing I'm not scared of in the automotive world is a non-running SBC.
    Sure these are not most peoples favorite Vette but if one just looks at the body shape and the proportions it is pretty awesome. Nothing really looks like it on the road now.
    Plus it's good enough for Jack to drive it with his feet
    [image src=" i.ytimg.com/vi/RHsdqoiizP8/maxresdefault.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • Love this. If my son wasn't about to start college I'd seriously looking into this. Agreed, not the most popular year, but still a sweet ride.

  • Loved this when I saw it. Not far from me, but a picture of it would be on my tombstone by the end of the year if I bought it right now. With these low miles, probably non-running due to a gacked up carb or other fuel problem, but mechanical parts are plentiful and cheap. A little knowledge and effort likely gets this thing back on the road.

  • Not that long ago it was the C3 that got little love while people doted on all other gens. Now it's the C4. As a proud owner of a nice 6-speed convt. C4 I'm looking fwd to the day that my Corvette isn't the whipping boy generation …

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