• On about the date of build-commencement, Bill's brother-in-law introduced methamphetamine to Long Island. The car took a week, but still baffles them why.

  • Guessing at the time the dude commenced this build he could have had a decent M Roadster for the price of what he spent building a Miata that's as fast as a base Z3.

    • Assume in this case that the journey was what was important to the seller/builder. Nothing wrong with choosing your own path even if it's very lonely. The flaw is thinking that he can command anywhere near $20k for this misbegotten build, which will indeed buy a decent M Roady — even an S54 — or any manner of turbo/supercharged or monster V8 infused Miatae.

  • I see a lot of these Z3 Miata kits. What I want to know is why they don't just buy a z3 to begin with? Surely the cost of a Miata plus a body kit is about the same money as a z3.

  • I really don't like it when people with "good intentions" or not paste a different car's emblem on the hood or anywhere else, such as the BMW on this one or the Ferrari on the Ausi car. I think it constitutes identity theft, misrepresentation and lies. Unless you have the factory approval such as AMG (mercedes), Shelby (Ford), etc It is NOT right!

  • Are you sure this is not a very slick photoshop?

    Aside from drugs being involved suggestion, I dunno. Tonight I will enter the New Year grateful that my mind is still intact enough to not do this.

  • But you could buy a real Z3 for only… Oh wait, it's all about avoiding the costly BMW maintenance. I get it now… I think..

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