• This is awesome. Modern batteries, onboard charger, and a motor controller that can do re-gen would make it just about perfect. Then upgrade to a three-phase AC brushless motor sometime in the future for tire-shredding fun.

    I keep thinking there's going to be a big market for fun, quirky, classics like this – cars with real character – converted to electric using modern bits. Prices should drop dramatically on dense battery packs and controllers, if/when the Model 3 takes off.

    There are myriad conversion companies doing business today, turning aircooled Volkswagens into "zero emissions" smugmobiles, but the price seems to prohibitive. Give it a few more years…

  • Well, since someone asked….. Frankly, I'd rather have the original Dauphine.

    That being said, this seems to show that EV progress has not been as impressive as we might have thought. A 60 mile range would make this as practical for daily commuting as some of the current generation (get it "current", see what I did there, huh, huh?!?), and I don't know many people who commute at anything close to 60 mph most days.

    If CFlo waits a little while, there will be piles of crunched Teslas being sold by the estates of the late Autopilot-enthusiast owners. Then all he needs is to locate the closest Geo Metro graveyard and he will have a match truly made in heaven.

    Oh, and thanks for asking, Anonymous. I love your work!

  • This is about 15 minutes from me, or 2 hrs if driving the Dauphine. I would be happy to look it over for you and take some pics. In fact I'd get a real charge out of it. (ode to Bobinott – PS: how could ANYTHING including a Geo Metro be heavenly?)

    I have a soft spot for old French rigs. Peugeots, Renaults, Citroen, etc. While they were often as robust a souffle, they have gobs of charm.

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