• A coworker had one of these with a manual transmission. Impressive power, horrific gas mileage, he said it was too expensive to daily drive – no matter what speed he went on the highway the best gas mileage he could get was about 17 mpg. Lots of smiles per gallon though…

  • Amazing how technology has improved mileage for performance oriented gas drivetrains. My mildly modified 6.4 ltr. in my '17 Dodge Charger rolls down the highway at 27+ mpg and gets 15 to 17 in town. Not bad for a dyno'ed 460 hp at the tires.

    From my experience, this was a pretty good era for Audi. I had a TT with the 3.6 ltr. V6 and it was bullet. Ran it HARD (a lot) and never had a single issue during ownership. Granted, it's not the V8 here, but knew a couple folks who did have this V8 and never had any issues either. With this one, being that it has 110k, I'd be more concerned with the tranny down the line than anything else.

  • "a few turbo enthusiasts missed the turbo lag and monstrous maintenance costs of the outgoing 2.7T powertrain"

    yes, maybe, but ask the people who own the v8 about their $5k-$10k timing chain issues….

  • I owned an A8 with this drive train in it. My advice to prospective buyers is to inquire as to the timing belt service (overdue, if not already performed), and drive the car, looking for any anomalous behavior of the transmission. Check the trans fluid as well. These cars are among the best when healthy, and a gaping hole in your wallet when not. Don't ask me how I know this.

  • Saw one of these parked in the South Hills– the owner came out of his house– "Nice car!" I said… He looked at me quizzically… "Nice, if you don't own it, and don't have to pay for maintenance!" he replied, with a dour face…

  • Note to Prospective Buyers – This is a Timing Chain engine with a serious failure issue at 100K. It's a $7000 and up fix – it's at the firewall and the whole engine has to come out and a ton of work to make right – look up S4 timing chain rattle – GLTWS

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