• They look vaguely reminiscent of the Edelbrock 454 wheels… but updated/modernized. You may be familiar with that style as it's similar to the wheels used on "Eleanor" in the Nic Cage reboot of Gone in 60 seconds.

  • I am honored DT, thank you. I promise to do some huge burn-outs when completed. I will send a video or picture once I get the supercharger on.

    Scooter, they are 17" American Racing Daytona WHEELS. My friends like to give me a hard time that they look Ford-ish. In retrospect maybe not the best choice but I like them.

  • The "Eleanor" wheel is actually made by PS Engineering (now in LaHabra). They supply them to Factory Five for their Cobra kits. They also have several other wheels that you'd recognize .

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