• Six years of finding parts? I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Thanks for sharing this incredible car!

  • Great to see as that series was revered in Europe and not sold in any kind of numbers here in the states. Love the JPS colors

  • Neat. Reminds me of the various Lotus models with the JPS variant.

    [img] i.imgur.com/xRkZPLL.jpg?1[/img]

  • Nick! It's your Uncle Norm! Well written! It was a real privilege to do the new shortblock for your Dad's car. Can't wait to hear the next update. Maybe he'll let me drive it again. I still have your Capri drawing in the old truck, bud.

  • Perfect car if you were going to make the movie "Bobby and the Bandit II".
    Very interesting and well written. Thanks!
    [img] media2.trover.com/T/5016afab26c48d541b0000fb/fixedw_large_4x.jpg[/img]

  • My first car was a '76 RS 2.8 in JPS black with gold pinstripes and my life's goal was to build it into something like this car. Sadly that car ate a quarter-mile of barbed wire fence thanks to it enthusiastic but extremely novice driver and those plans were shelved. I still spend spare moments looking for a clean Capri II to work from, or better – one already prepped for competition, but as yet the stars have not re-aligned for me. Knowing that cars like this are still out there and that people still enjoy them helps kindle my desire for a do-over on stewardship of one of these beasts. Thanks for sharing the car and the story!

  • I have always loved the Capri, but this is just awesome. I have seen a lot of cars and owned an uncountable amount, but this is in the top 5 of my likes. Keep this bugger forever..

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