• Not exactly broke, but I am a cheapskate. Total outlay for my two daily turismos, including the court ordered restitution (by the drunk guy, not me): well under $3000

  • NFS: Porsche Unleashed was my favorite game as a youngster and definitely kick-started my Porschephilia. Great to see an SC in its natural habitat!
    Also, like a hungry bear in a campground — tense don't matter. I lol'd.

  • I'm the Derek mentioned, and Tamas' SC is really well done. Also, that's my white SC in a couple of the pics.

    At first I thought Tamas was selling his SC! Relieved that is not the case.

    And while I understand Fleetwood's comment about being collectively broke, it should be known that Tamas has worked his way up from nothing. I remember when he started out flipping Miatas and whatever else was around, and now he's one of the go-to vintage 911 and everything else automotive guys in LA. He's worked his ass off to get where he is.

    • @Derek….to clarify, no ill will was intended or implied with that statement at all…I like to see people doing well. I was just chuckling to myself that while we don't all sit around smelling our own farts like on BaT, we also aren't all driving $1500 Saab EMS's because we have no other choice. I like the frugal approach. cheers!

    • I did find myself wondering in what year he turned 21, as that could drastically affect the price paid. Mainly I'm wondering why I'm 34 and the same car is on my birthday list for when I turn 40.

    • No doubt Boz, although if the current rate of 911 inflation continues, you will be cross-shopping a 911 SC against a McLaren F1 in 6 years.

    • Ah, well, that answers my question then. Passing on a double yellow, speeding, etc. Second ticket impound though… that's BS. The officer probably saw Porsche and the fact that he was a long way from home and saw $$ signs.

      I've been a passenger in situations like that where the driver was caught criminal speeding and they said that they were taking/cutting the license of the driver, but as long as I took over driving duties (and slowed the !@#$ down), they wouldn't impound the car… unless they determined there was something illegal about the car (non-CARB/BAR/DOT compliant parts, etc).

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