• FuelTruck has been on a hot streak with the tips lately. This looks like a good deal on a fun car, not even counting all the extra parts.

  • I like it and it's roof rack.

    I put so much stuff on my rack. You should see the look at the lumber yard when my lowered 330i pulls out with 12' posts on the roof.

  • gotta wonder what car he's switching to – "much more complicated and expensive" – "computer controlled vacuum systems and engine mapping" – a 928?

  • Hey guys! Seller here.

    Thanks for all your fandom. I really have loved this car and am apprehensive about letting it go. Unfortunately, most of the interest so far has come from 17yo's who don't have much appreciation for all of the work which has been done or the parts that are included. Money talks, but I'm not sure I want to see this car running around town with a rattle-can paint job and one of those Pikachu-tail looking exhaust exits.

    Great guesses on the 928 and 996. Both of those have been on my short list at times. The "computer controlled vacuum system" is in reference to my previous venture away from VW and into European "Luxury" land. The car that drove me to go low-tech and buy the Rabbit. It was a 2003 Audi Avant 1.8T 5-speed. I can't say it was a bad car. But for some reason I hated it.

    The car I intended to replace the Rabbit with was an E46 M3. But being that I needed a daily driver for Idaho and don't park in a garage. I decided to go conservative and purchased a 2004 BMW 330i ZHP with 122k on it. This car might give me the confidence and knowledge of the platform to enter the M3 market in the future.
    I've only owned the 330i for a few weeks and have already replaced about $500 worth of broken things and about $1000 worth of non-broken things in the name of "preventative maintenance". I do like the car though. I never thought I could love a standard 3-series, but the ZHP is just sexy enough to quench my M3 lust.

    • Thanks for chiming in. Really cool to hear from the seller.
      Yes I lust after owning a e46 M3 and a e39 M5 but right now my 330i slicktop m/t is the best I can do.

      There is a lot that breaks on the e46 but fortunately it is fairly easy and inexpensive to work on.
      The ZHP is awesome congrats!
      PS, get a roof rack to make it a truck

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