• So, if those engines are so "over engineered", why do they blow head gaskets every 100,000 miles? I would consider that "marginally engineered".

    • A BMW M20 inline 6 needs a timing belt and water pump every 40k and it is a great engine. A leaking head gasket every 100k is not the end of the world. Over engineered is making 2x, 3x, 4x the stock power level and not grenading the engine internals or having parts shoot through the hood. These engines are bomb proof and can be had for pennies compared to the much revered Toyota 2JZ. Click on the youtube link at the end of the article or check out turbobandits clips online.

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  • "Hi I'm calling about the 93 Mercedes SL for sale! Any other issues with the car?"
    "Nope, all 93 of 'em ran when great parked!"

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